Shine Space


Versatile, Affordable Creative Space for Artists & Teachers

47 E Fort Union Boulevard (7200 S.)

Suite 221, 201-203

Midvale, UT

Quick Access to I-15 & I-215

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Photo Studio Lights

Creative Space

Watch the Studio progress as we build it! Here are some updated photos.

Studio Information

Shine Space Studio will be open beginning February 1st, 2021. Spaces can be rented in parts (Portrait Studio, Main Space, YouTube Studio) or as a whole for recitals and events.

Recommended Uses:

- Photography of any kind

-Music Video Videography

- Recitals

- Acoustic Concerts

-Workshops, Classes, Seminars

-Networking Events

-Content Creation & YouTube Videos

This studio is evolving. If there are certain features or trends that you'd like added to the space - simply let us know and we'll work on it!:)

We will be installing a Bistro/Dangling Light Stage with Curtain, White Curtains with white brick, and a stylish YouTube Studio.

Wooden Piano


Flooring, Sound Treatment, and decor have not yet been added.


Teaching Studio Rental Information

This studio is built to be an excellent, affordable resource for music teachers. After experiencing how frustrating looking for an affordable rental space without long binding contracts in a space where music teachers are welcome,

we decided to solve the problem.

Rental Information

Rent is based on the number of hours you plan to use the space on average each month. (Part Time, Full-Time or Per-Appointment)


*Teaching near 30 hours per week

*Exclusive Room w/ Lock & Key

- All yours!

* Free Quarterly Recital in ShineSpace

*Free usage of MainSpace when not booked

+ other partner perks

Part Time:

*Teaching between 8-25 Hours Per Week

* Shared Room

* ability to leave personal instruments or belongings in break/storage room.

*Free Quarterly Recital In Space

Rental Room:

For teachers teaching fewer than 8 hours per week or just want to book per hour.

We recommend that you mark up your lessons by +$5 per lesson and the space pays for itself! Most students are not concerned with a $5 price change, especially when upgrading to a more professional space.

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