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Empowering students through engaging, personalized music instruction.

The right teacher can make a huge difference in a students life. At Sing2Shine, we do more than just check a lesson off the list. Teachers become mentors to students, and dear friends to families.  Find the teacher best suited to your personality, needs and goals. Become a part of the #ShineFamily Community. 
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Allie Gardner Teaching Online

Meet The Staff

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Allie Gardner

Allie Gardner

CEO, Vocal Coach, Music Career Mentorship

Students Accepted: By Audition Only. 

habla español

Best fit for goal-oriented, dedicated students who are interested in pursuing a professional music career, or students who are in need of more in-depth vocal rehabilitation. 

Location: Online & In-Person at Sing2Shine Studio

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Learn to sing powerfully and smoothly, throughout your range with no "break" in any musical style.

  • Overcome Performance Anxiety, Develop Confidence 

  • Deliver dynamic and exciting performances every time you step on stage.

  • Be Mentored Step-By-Step through building a career in music. 

  • Build Connections in Creative Industry through Q&A's, Networking and Frequent Performance Opportunities.

Billing: $80/Hr. or Program Package Options

Lessons can be scheduled in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments. 

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Savannah Perkins

Beginning Voice Teacher

Students Accepted: By Virtual Meet & Greet

Best for young beginning voice students seeking to learn the basics of singing.

Location: Online Only

Areas of Expertise: 

Basic Vocal Technique 

Gain Confidence and Beginning Performance Experience

Song Mastery  

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Kalin Harrison

Piano Teacher

Students Accepted: By Virtual Meet & Greet

habla español 

Best for beginning, intermediate and advanced piano students seeking to improve their piano performance skills. 

Location: Online Only

Areas of Expertise: 

Helping Beginning Students Gain a Foundation In Music Theory, Piano Fingering, and performance through engaging online lessons. 

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Young Piano Teacher


Helpful Information


How are private music lessons scheduled?

Recurring lessons are scheduled in  weekly, bi-weekly or monthly appointments. Anything outside of those recurring schedule options is considered a 'Drop-In' appointment. 

Schedule recurring lessons through your initial meet & greet with your teacher. Make one-time changes on the scheduler system. 


Drop in lessons can be scheduled on our quick, and easy scheduling and billing system. 

How do we pay for lessons?

In your initial meet and greet, the teacher will input your preferred billing method on file for our system to auto-charge for lessons. 

Drop-In lessons will be billed per appointment.  Recurring lessons will be charged weekly to a credit card, debit card or bank account.

We do not accept cash, checks or Venmo.

What is the lesson cancellation policy?

For Drop-In Appointments: Lesson must be cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance or auto-charge will occur. 

For Recurring Appointments: 

Please let your teacher know that you will need to cancel a lesson so that your lesson can be rescheduled. We ask that you kindly give 24 hours notice for cancellations - but we understand that life happens. Teacher will reschedule with you promptly. 

Teacher caused absences will always be made-up in the same calendar month or credited to your file.

What opportunities are included in lessons?

Each student will have the opportunity to perform monthly at a digital or in-person recital hosted by Sing2Shine Studio. 

Students are encouraged to participate in multiple Sing2Shine Programs to perform regularly!

Each lesson is recorded for your convenience and safety. Lesson recordings are made available after each lesson along with specific practice assignments. 

Rachel Andelin

Piano and Voice Teacher

Students Accepted: By Virtual Meet & Greet

Best fit for students seeking to gain a firm musical foundation, increase their skills, and perform various styles of music. 

Location: Online and In-Person at Sing2Shine Studio

Area of Expertise: 

  • Basic Vocal Technique 

  • Beginning Piano Performance

  • Gain Performance Experience 

  • Music Theory 

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Level up your music skills 
form meaningful relationships
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