**Mentorship**Honors Showcase and Q&A With American Idol Casting Producer, Kyle Khou

Each of you will have the opportunity to perform for Kyle Khou, American Idol Casting Producer in our December Honors Recital as part of your membership in the Music Career Mentorship Program.

This recital will be an incredible opportunity, please prioritize it :)

Tuesday, December 15th at 7:00PM MST 6PM Pacific Time. 8:00PM Central Time

*if I didn't include your time zone, let me know and i'll confirm the time with you. I don't want you to miss it.

This month's industry professional guest will be American Idol Casting Producer, Kyle Khou.

Kyle was a contestant on Season 11 of Fox's American Idol. He spent time traveling the country on Tour with Jonah Marais (Why Don't We), Frankie Grande, Sam Tsui and many more. He has opened for Mike Posner, Lindsay Sterling, and Ashley Tisdale just to name a few. Now turned Casting Producer, Kyle just finished being on the casting team for Season 4 of ABC's American Idol.


Each of you will have the opportunity to perform either two 1 minute song selections or one 2 minute song.

After the performances, Kyle will be giving constructive feedback and the opportunity for Q&A.

To prepare for the showcase, please prepare a segment that will best showcase your unique style & ability. It doesn't need to be a Holiday song. It can be anything:)

To ensure that we have all the time for feedback and Q&A, please limit your performance to 2 minutes total.

Also in preparation for the recital, i'd like to have a 1-2 minute introduction video from each of you so that Kyle can get to know not only your talent but about you and your personality & story.

I will edit the video to make it look professional.

Please send me a:

Horizontally Filmed "Hi, I'm _____. "Then tell me your story.


Hi, I'm Allie. I am an Inspirational World Music Artist. I perform videos on YouTube in many different languages and styles to celebrate diversity. I have recorded music in Spanish, English, Korean, Swahili, Filipino, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic and many more!

Other Example:

Hi, My name is Lafawnda Jo-FloofyPoof. I am a Crossover Folk Punk Rock Vocalist. I play the banjo, cazoo, and yodel all while standing on my head wearing bell-bottoms. I am from Malaysia but grew up living in a Purple Slug-bug in Pakistan. The highlight performance of my life is when I got to perform at the White House in Washington DC for President George W. Bush.

You can send any videos you are particularly proud of, talk about any experiences you've had relevant to music that was notable to you. etc.

Please send any videos you'd like included for the recital by December 10th.

Otherwise, you'll just need to introduce yourself live before you perform. :)

See You All There!

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