Sing2Shine Songwriting

Master the Must-Have Music Skill

The music industry has changed. Gone are the days when you can expect your "big break" and wait for others to write music for you to perform. This is an absolute Must-Have skill in the modern music industry. 

Learn to express yourself, find your style and create YOUR music! 

Make your mark on the world!

Join a thriving community of songwriters. Make connections. Co-write and collaborate. Have fun! 

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Songwriting Course

*Recommended for beginners*

"What makes this songwriting course special?"

On top of learning the basic fundamentals, this course will take you into the science/root of songwriting. I'm teaching you the most important things to know about songwriting in the funnest way possible. 

Additionally, I talk about things involving songwriting that no one else talks about. Like, YES, let's right a song. But, let's think about ourselves first. Will your song correctly represent who you are as an artist? What kind of artist do you want to be? What is your WHY? 


I trust that this process will help students find who they want to be as an artist, and figure out exactly what they want to say to the world.

-Mallory Kate

Sing2Shine Songwriting Director

Songwriting Course is currently not being offered and is under construction

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This is where you and I get chance to work on YOUR talents, your strengths, and be able to pin-point things we should work on. 

I can help you with songs you are writing, and provide some coaching.


Most importantly, I can remind you to never let too much stress from songwriting take the fun out of it!

One-on-Ones can be formatted just for you for whatever help you need with songwriting.

They are also PERFECT to jump into after finishing the Songwriting Course, AND hopping in occasionally if you're in the Songwriting Club and want to run a song idea by me before performing it. 

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Songwriting Club (Roundtable)

Are you ready to share your original songs?

If you aren't ready for this club yet, let me help you get there!

In this club, you get the chance to perform your original songs (finished or still in progress) in front of me, and other writers like you. We will meet three times a month with the option to join over Zoom if you are unable to come to the studio. 

This will be a safe space to perform and hear from others. Lyrics, melody and chords have the chance of being critiqued, and revised with new ideas from us! When you are working on the same song over and over again, sometimes you can become deaf to things that could be better. Showing your material to new ears gives your song the chance to be the best it cam be a little quicker. 

Share music, make some friends, and let's polish your music!

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Meet Your 

Songwriting Coach 

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Mallory Kate

Mallory is an professional singer/songwriter from Utah. She has been singing and songwriting since the age 10. She got a record deal at age 10 and co-wrote all of the songs on the album. Mallory has written the hooks for rap songs for local artists, and has also written all her singles released on all music platforms.

Mallory's speciality has always been singing, with it being her main profession, but she has an amazing ear and keen instinct for lyrics. When she was asked to teach songwriting, she was slightly surprised. That idea had never even crossed her mind. However, as she sat on the idea, she realized it was a dream job that she didn't even know was a dream!

If you are reading this, she would love to work with YOU! Whether you want to become a songwriting pro, or just learn for fun, Mallory is your girl.

Mallory Gish